Welcome to the Isolation Inn

The pub at the end of the Internet

About The Inn

The Isolation is a virtual pub. A meeting place for those in social isolation – meet friends or strangers, but bring an open mind, a positive attitude, and a willingness to accept the differing opinions of each and every one of us. The landlord sets the rules – if you don’t like the rules, get your own pub!

We currently open every Thursday evening for chat in a large group, is small groups and individually. We have a 50 snug rooms where you can meet random strangers or choose the friends to chat to.

We also have live music, to help and support musicians in the lockdown. Live music is sponsored by ClerksRoom and my thanks go them for their support.

You can find us on Zoom, we are usually open on Thursdays, click the Facebook link below for more details about live music, quiz nights and how a room full of people can hear each other!

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Opening Hours & Events

The Isolation Inn opens on Thursdays at 19:00 BST, usually for an hour or so. We have 50 snug rooms where you can leave the throng and meet in a nice quiet room with either friends or strangers.

You will need to have Zoom (installed and an account) to get to the pub. The link for each week is only sent to subscribers (you can subscribe here) and you will need to use the link as the pub is password protected.

There is a waiting room, when you arrive admittance will depend on availability of space and the whim of the landlord.

It is hoped that the opening hours will be extended if there is sufficient demand.

live music

We are delighted to announce that ClerksRoom is sponsoring our live music events featuring artists and bands suffering during the lockdown.

See our FaceBook or LinkedIn pages for more details.