These are my Glastonbury letters which I drew by hand (well I used a font outline first!). Then made images to insert in MS Word. There is a letter per page, you can of course scale the pages. The font is called IMPACT if you want to make your own. This was a labour of love so we would have “proper” letters for our garden. It would not be right for me to profit from sharing this with you. Some people have offered to pay (thanks) and some have offered to make a charity donation. Although my personal charities (for family reasons) are RNLI and Marie Curie I think it only right to say that a charity donation (if you choose to make one) should go to the Glastonbury Charities – Greenpeace – WaterAid – Oxfam.

It would make me happy if you would meet Lynn (my wife) and I at Glastonbury next year. We have our tickets! Maybe we can go and have a cider (I don’t expect you to buy me one).

It would also make me happy if you share your pictures of the letters in your garden and tag me so I can see them in use. You don’t have to, but it would be nice. Find me on Facebook on Glastonbury Festival FansGlasto Chat Glasto Goers 

It would make me unhappy if you claim these as yours, try and sell them to other people or share them without this page. I made these, it took a long time, and I’m giving them for free – it’s a small thing to ask.

Glastonbury is about so much more than a farm and some music – it is about the people first and foremost and their attitudes to each other.

Share the love.
Love the farm. Leave no trace.

Stuart Hillston (landlord@theisolationinn.pub)

You can download the files using the links below: